The Course teaches that miracles are the means for the atonement and revelation. The Course also teaches us the holy instant is the means for practicing miracles.

The Workbook is devoted to teaching how to enter into the holy instant through a still and quiet mind. In the holy instant, where the mind is perfectly still, miracles are born. Miracles are brought into this world as right perception as we look upon everything with only the love we experience in the holy instant.

To enter the holy instant, one need do nothing. No action, no word, and no thought is necessary to induce the complete experience of unconditional love. Complete love is always present. It is the thoughts, words, and actions of this world which hide love's presence to us.

Long periods of meditation are not necessary for practicing the holy instant. The holy instant is practiced only through willingness. Only after we have given all our thoughts to the Holy Spirit will we find the quietness and stillness necessary for a brief journey into timelessness. Our goal is not to enter into timelessness for long periods of time, but to choose to return to timelessness as often as is practicable.

It is the habit of choosing the holy instant which makes inner peace a permanent experience in our lives.