A neighbor invited me to watch Stephen Hawking's "Curiosity - Did God Create The Universe," produced by Discovery Channel.

In this video, Stephen Hawking explains how science provides a better answer for the origin on the Universe than does organized religion. However, in presenting modern physics theories, Stephen Hawking merely presented a new religion to replace the old religions. I will explain this by correcting Stephen Hawking's misinformation about modern physics.

Prof. Hawking states that the Universe can be explained, or "cooked up," with three things, matter, energy, and space. He does not define what matter is, and neither does he define what energy or space are.

Since Prof. Hawking did not explain what matter, energy, and space are, I will.

Matter is a general term that applies to the dimension of mass, where mass is expressed in a particulate state. A particle is a quantum, or primary amount, of angular momentum. Electrons and protons are examples of primary quantities of angular momentum. The aggregation of electrons and protons produce nearly the entire physical Universe. Positrons and anti-protons make up the rest of the particulate matter of existence. The rest of the "particle zoo" of mainstream physics are transitory states, as protons and neutrons get blasted apart by high energy photons, and other fast moving particles.

Matter is not equal to mass. Also, mass is a dimension, which is similar to the dimensions of length and frequency (the reciprocal of which is time). Summarized, mass is not a particle, but rather mass is a property that particles possess. Mass also manifests in particle behavior. For example, the units of potential and resistance contain the dimension of mass, as do dozens of other physics units. A particle can behave with "momentum," which is equal to mass times velocity. A particle can behave with angular momentum, acceleration, force, and even energy. All of these units compose from the dimension of mass, and in various combinations with the dimensions of length and frequency.

So matter is simply a broad category of mass contained within the angular momentum of an electron or proton, but matter is not the behavior of those particles. The behavior of matter falls into the category of, well, behaviors. Energy is a behavior of something, and is not a thing of itself.

And this leads us to the explanation of energy. Stephen Hawking belonged to the religion that believes energy is a susbstance. Hawking and his peers have convinced themselves that energy is equivalent to matter, and some of his peers actually believe energy is converted to matter, and matter is converted to energy. They have convinced themselves, through constant repetition and by eliminating dissenting voices, that the equation E = mc2 means that energy is equivalent to matter. Let us explore that fallacy from a purely mathematical view.

E = mc2

According to Hawking and his peers, if we create a new system of units where c=1, then we would get:

E = mc*12

which would simplify to E = m, and thus, according to Hawking, energy is thus equivalent to mass (not matter, but mass). What he is saying is that the behavior we call energy is equal to the dimension of mass, which of itself, is complete nonsense even from a scientific perspective. However, not only is the logic wrong, but the math is wrong.

In order to change an equation, and maintain the equality of the equation, both sides of the equation must receive the exact same changes. And so if c=1 on the right side of the equation, then c must also equal 1 on the left side of the equation. Since E = mc2, we can substitute E with mc2 on the left side, and we would get:

mc2 = mc2 

and when c is made to equal 1, we get:

m = m

The concept of mass energy equivalence is nothing more than math voodoo, which can only occur if the rules of math are broken.

Although Hawking didn't say this in Curiosity, his peers do say that matter such as firewood, uranium, and gasoline are examples of mass being converted to energy. Hawking gave the example of the Sun being converted to energy. This is religious nonsense, as these are examples of fuels (as opposed to examples of energy), and fuels are substances that can be easily energized, which means, the fuels can be made to do work. Again, mass is just a dimension. Fuels are a form of matter. All matter possesses the ability to do work (energy). To say that matter converts to energy is like saying a runner converts to a lap around the track. This is poetic nonsense, which has no place in science.

So not only is energy not equivalent to mass, but energy is nothing more than a behavior. Energy describes a special kind of behavior of particles. To label particle behavior as a magical substance that particles convert to, and also to break the rules of math to explain this magic, is even less scientific than for organized religions to claim that God created the Universe.

Hawking further stated that the Universe is made from space, and he further stated that space is the sink for negative energy. Well, if positive energy is not a substance, then neither is negative energy. Also, space is defined by mainstream physics as a mathematical abstraction. According to mainstream science, space does not exist... not even as negative energy. If space existed, it would have structure, and therefore it would be Aether, which Hawking and mainstream physics adamantly oppose in their religious doctrine. Anybody who mentions the Aether in mainstream physics is just as much a heretic to modern science, as Galileo was to the Catholic Church three hundred years ago.

Finally, Stephen Hawking tried to create a false argument, even from a mainstream science perspective, that time does not exist in black holes or at the beginning of the Big Bang. According to Special Relativity theory by Albert Einstein, time is relative. That is why the theory is called "Relativity." Although an observer from the Earth might see a clock slowing down as it approached a black hole, the Earth observer would never see the clock stop. However, from the perspective of the clock, as it approached the black hole, the clock would not observe itself as slowing down. From the clock's perspective, time is still running as it normally does. For Stephen Hawking to claim that the clock stopped at the black hole goes against the prediction of the Special Relativity theory that he invokes as evidence for his argument. Hawking is cherry picking and twisting logic from the Special Relativity theory in order to promote his own religious perspective that there is no need to invoke God as an explanation for the creation of the Universe.

The Big Bang theory is a religious fantasy of itself. Due to the assumptions underlying the Big Bang theory, and from breaking their own rules of logic, physicists have created a theory that implies the vast and unlimited (that we can see) Universe popped out of a point no bigger than the head of a pin just 13 billion years ago. Poof! Out of no-time and no-matter came time and matter, which expanded faster than an exploding kernel of popcorn, and which produced the entire, magnificient, and complex Universe we observe, today. Religious fantasy, indeed.

I will add that Einstein's Relativity theories, as they are presented, are nonsense. The Relativity Theories base on the assumption that time is real. And yet, through thousands of years of scientific inquiry, all the way up to the time you are reading this, all of the physical matter of the entire physical Universe has ever only been observed to exist in the present moment. Unlike the three orthoganal dimensions of length, which give us quantifiable and traversable space, there is no time dimension that physical matter can travel through. Even if matter leaked out of the present moment, there is no physical Universe in a different time for that matter to go to. Also, there is no evidence that matter from a different time has ended up in our present time. The only thing demonstrated by Relativity theories is that space can be stretched and curved, and that matter can be accelerated and decelerated, which gives the illusion of time speeding up or slowing down. These are just perceptions, and these perceptions always take place during the present.

Our mind is capable of imagining time, and we are capable of writing books and producing movies that express imagined time travel, but everything in the entire Universe has always been, and will always be, right here in the present moment, including the books and the movies. Physical matter in the present does experience cycles (frequencies), but time is just an illusion. In the present moment we see things moving around according to physical laws, which can be observed and interpreted in terms of time, but in reality, all of this activity is always happening in the present. There is no past or future, there is only a dynamic "now."

Mainstream physicists have observed that physical matter, which refers directly to electrons and protons, have a property called half-spin. What mainstream physicists have not thought of, is that this half-spin is due to a temporal vibration, where space vibrates back and forth between forward time and backward time (at the speed of celeritas), but for which subatomic particles are only allowed to spin in the forward direction of time. Matter can therefore appear to move in forward time, however the mind, which is non-material in nature, exists in the full forward-backward temporal vibration, which manifests to us as the eternal and present moment. In other words, matter acts as a time-diode that produces the illusion of forward time from within the present moment. If it were not for material things, we would have no perception of time, whatever.

The world we see is nothing more than the expression of an eternal mind, which is capable of "birth" into biological machines, which function until they break. Our personality is our eternal mind, which makes decisions about how to manipulate this biological machine within this physical Universe, and when the biological machine breaks, the personality disappears with it. The underlying mind, however, is never born and never dies, which does lend credence to the old religious beliefs in an afterlife.

Stephen Hawking merely presented an alternative religion to the old religions. In the end, all the religions, including Stephen Hawking's religion, are tied to the ephemeral existence of the eternal mind from within a temporary physical embodiment. The only true existence is the underlying awareness of the mind, and its potential to become embodied, and to imagine.

Having said that, physics can be improved upon to provide a more accurate accounting of the physical Universe than that which is proposed within the Standard Model of Particle Physics by Stephen Hawking and his peers. The foundation for this more accurate physics is found in the Aether Physics Model.