Feelings, via the unit of conductance, are just one aspect of the Aether. Space, time, magnetic fields, and electric fields are other aspects of the Aether, and there are more.


In the Eastern traditions, mind and space share similar attributes [1]. Mind is often synonymous with space and time. When we see in quantum physics (through the Aether Physics Model) that Aether has the property of conductance (feeling) as well as space and time, we can understand what the sages are teaching.

When we look at an object through our five senses, we see only the stuff that fills space and time. But when we look also through our other sense of feeling, we also see the space and time that is being filled. Since our mind is non-physical and shares the same qualities of space and time, seeing the space and time filled by objects is not a trivial pursuit. It is a necessary inner observation, which is needed to complete the picture of what we are looking at. It is this inner observation through feeling that gives meaning to physical existence.

When we learn to see how physical objects exist within the field of emotion, how physical objects contribute to the general feeling of the environment, then we begin to see the importance of caring for physical objects. 

Carelessly allowing objects to deteriorate through neglect is a physical manifestation of our ignorance. Ignoring an object allows it to become covered with dust, corroded, faded, weak, and an obstacle. The neglectful feeling is imparted to the environment and creates a negative atmosphere. This in turn causes the occupants of the environment to feel negative.

By caring for the objects in our environment we impart vibrant colors, clean surfaces, strength, utility, and generally an overall positive influence to the environment. This positive influence helps to maintain the positive emotions of the occupants of the environment.

The jealousy of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism toward other religions has led to the Christian attitude that caring for physical objects is equivalent to idolatry. The maintaining of objects designed to positively influence the environment (if the objects are in the form of deities, former humans, animals, or even symbols) are mistaken to be a form of evil. This couldn't be further from the truth. 

If there is only One True God, and that God created the physical Universe, then everything within the physical Universe must be an extension of God's creation. How could one possibly blaspheme God by properly caring for physical objects, which contributes to a positive environment, which in turn contributes to positive feelings? 

Learning to see physical objects with our eyes was easy. Learning to see the space and time in which physical objects exist through our feelings is equally easy. All it takes is the desire to do so. 

Look around you right now. Do you see places where objects have been neglected? Do you see places where objects have been properly maintained? Do you feel the effect of the prior activities (or lack of activities)? Everything in your immediate space contributes to a general feeling for that space. Can you feel it?

It is not necessary to judge the general feeling. For the time being, just learn to feel it, whatever the general feeling is. After you have the general feeling of your immediate environment, begin focusing on the feelings contributed by specific objects. And then after you have investigated the general feelings of specific objects, investigate the feelings contributed by the components of a specific object. Continue to zoom in to a finer detailed feeling. Afterward, return to the general feeling of your immediate environment and then look outward to see how your immediate environment impacts the general feeling of increasingly larger spaces and time.

As you learn to see the world through feelings, realize you are seeing the world through Aether.

In the Aether Physics Model, the quantum Aether unit is equal to velocity per conductance. This is the same as saying that environment is equal to motion per feeling. That is, your action per your feeling is what creates your environment. It is not enough to be attuned to the feeling of your environment. If you are attuned to the feeling of your environment, it will spur you to action. 

Conversely, if one is ignorant of the feelings associated with the environment, and ignorant of the environment, itself, then one will act accordingly. 

So the Aether Physics Model provides an answer to that all pervading question, "What should I do with my life?" Your life happens within an environment. It is interesting that life is exactly the time between when you are born and when you die, thus life and time are closely related. Become aware of the environment and the feelings associated with it, and then you will know what it is you can do with the objects that fill your space and time. 

1. Tarthang Tulku's Time, Space, and Knowledge series.