Our world has trained us to see objects instead of the space and time in which they exist. This perspective has been the basis of our daily life. Yet, we know there is something missing in our worldly perspective; something which adds to the objective world's meaning. 

The Aether Physics Model shows us that subatomic particles exist within a quantum Aether unit. The sum of all the Aether units is the Aether fabric, which gives many properties to our physical Universe. Two properties of the Aether are space and time. If subatomic particles exist within the Aether, then all things composed of subatomic particles are also existing within the Aether. Therefore, since all physical matter is made up of subatomic particles, then all physical matter exists within the Aether.

Each quantum Aether unit is a quantum rotating magnetic field. Indeed, two more properties of the Aether are magnetic and electric fields. 

The Aether also has the property of conductance. Conductance is the unit in neurosciences associated directly with emotions in humans. If we jump ahead of modern science and assume that conductance is emotions, then all things with conductance must have the emotional qualities. Since the Aether has conductance, as does all physical matter, then we can hypothesize that all things are capable of feeling the existence of all other things. 

In light of modern science, this hypothesis seems like a stretch of imagination. But when we reflect on how we feel when we enter certain spaces, we can directly feel a quality that goes beyond the objective observations of color, texture, size, etc. Some rooms feel more cheery or more depressing than others. Different locations have a different feeling about them. 

All physical objects have conductance, and all space-time provided by the Aether also has conductance. Thus physical objects in a given space contribute to the feelings associated with that space, and in turn, the space reflects these feelings back to the physical objects.

Psychics are merely people who are attuned to the feelings moving in and out of the Aether and from object to object. A human can possess a objects and live in a given space for a period of time. During that time, the emotions of the human are imprinted on the space and even on the objects. Sensitive people can discern these emotions and sometimes get a good sense of what the occupant was feeling.

All around us is Aether. Aether is always recording feeling from all the objects near it. A tree has its own general feeling. A leaf on the tree has its own feeling, and the sum of all the leaves contribute to the overall feeling of the tree. These feelings are imparted to the space-time of the Aether and emanates to surrounding Aether. The general feeling of the leaf is further refined by the cells that make up the leaf, each having its own conductance and thus its own feeling. The general feeling of the cell is further refined by the molecules that make up the leaf, each molecule having its own feeling. The general feeling of the molecule is further refined by the atoms that it is composed of. The general feeling of the atoms is further refined by the subatomic particles, which exist directly within the Aether. 

And so we can get a sense of how emotions of macro objects are imparted to the space-time in which they exist. 

One could develop psychic abilities simply by learning to "listen" to the feelings in the environment (Aether). Just as in listening to a friend who has a problem, we should refrain from talking with our own feelings when listening to the environment. That is, our emotions should be "still" or "neutral" as much as we can make them. The more still we become, the more sensitive to the feelings of the Aether we become. 

Going for a quiet walk down the street or through the woods, we can attune ourselves to the overall Aether. We can further tune in to certain regions of the Aether, such as a pond, different neighbor's yards, a factory, a park, the sky, and the wind (weather). We can further refine our sensitivity by focusing on increasingly smaller regions of Aether, or increasing larger regions of Aether. Allowing our self to become sensitive to the Aether not only uncovers "psychic" abilities, but it also makes us more compassionate to the feelings around us, and the beings who own the feelings.

Where our analytical thinking makes us focus on the foreground of observation, our sensitivity makes us focus on the background of observation. Just as our senses are the link between our mind and objective world, our feelings are the "senses" through which we see the background of existence.