In 1980 I came across A Course in Miracles. I remember starting to read the Text. All the words made sense. There was a spiritual message in every sentence of every paragraph and in every chapter. I read with caution, as I expected at any moment the story line would change and there would be some weird cosmology or a fearless leader to follow. It was with great relief when I finished all three books and found them to be a meaningful and coherent spiritual path. The Course is a pure spiritual path of itself. It has the single purpose of teaching us the complete escape from fear. But experience has shown me that the students of the Course are not as single minded. Almost everyone new to the Course comes with expectations of how to improve relationships and career, make more money, learn new healing techniques, and make new friends. It is the pursuit of "worldly healing" which has fractured the Course community. 

It is my belief that the Course community needs to come together and formally organize a religion based on A Course in Miracles. I know this sounds frightening considering the track record of religion for the past 6000 years, but the truth is that the alternative would likely be much worse. I go into more detail with the link on the right.

"The Key" link at the left shares some of my thoughts on the Course and how I found it easy to practice and apply its teachings. For all the pages between its covers, ACIM has a very simple and clear message. The message cannot be repeated in a simple phrase, but it can be understood as a simple idea. Our language has evolved in such a way as to hide this simple idea, hence many words are needed to teach it.