Without understanding the key to the Course, it's just a jumble of very poetic and inspiring words. When the key is understood and put into practice, the miracles really start happening full time and the many parts of the Course's message becomes a coherent whole.

The key to the Course is the holy instant. The holy instant is a brief moment, experienced in time but stepping out of time to remember our True Self. It is a moment, however brief, where the mind is completely still and the patterns of the world are absent. In this absence of the world, the mind is revitalized and refreshed in remembrance of its true origin. In this remembrance is the simultaneous awareness of our Creator, our Brother, and our Self, knowing them all as one.

When the mind is perfectly still in this instant, we open the doorway to the infinite strength and beauty of the mind's source. The wisdom of our Creator can manifest Himself as the Holy Spirit, and having access to our body, speech and thoughts, use our current situation on behalf of healing the Sonship; the totality of all life. 

To properly use this key, we simply practice the holy instant as often and frequently as we possibly can, when we awake, all through our day, and when we retire at night. In each practice of the holy instant, a miracle is born into the world. The more we practice the holy instant, the more miracles there are linking each moment to the next, until our minds experience the Atonement, the continual practice.

Each lesson of the Course is a lesson in practicing the holy instant. We are taught that there is only one answer to all our problems, the holy instant. All the suffering in this world is caused merely from a lack of love. Each holy instant is a maximal expression of love, an unconditional love that flows across all darkness, pain and suffering. 

The holy instant is the simple message that love is our source, love is what we are, and love is how we communicate with our source and all creation. Love is both the means and the goal for all our actions, words, and thoughts. 

Keeping these ideas in mind while reading the Course makes the curriculum appear as a coherent and meaningful whole.