The state of mind where the mind is fully aware of God. Atonement is attained through the practice of miracles. The Atonement represents the healing of the mind and acts as our defense against illusions.


Used on behalf of truth, the body serves only as a communications device between separated minds. When used to justify anger or to prove the reality of the physical world, the body serves as a means of attack. The part of the mind which uses the body for attack is the ego.


The crucifixion is an extreme example which demonstrates that the Son of God cannot be crucified. None of us need dwell on pain and suffering since it is easily transcended.


The opposite of love, fear is inherent in all responses which are not love. The slightest feelings of lovelessness are nothing less and nothing more than full grown fear.


Forgiveness as taught in ACIM is the letting go of all thoughts pertaining to the world. By looking beyond form, fear, and suffering, to the mind beyond these things, we forgive the mind for what we thought it was or had done. Mind is the only reality and to let go of the idea that reality is in form is to forgive through unconditional love.

Gift of Lilies

The gift of lilies is a metaphor used to describe the gift of offering forgiveness.


God is the singularity of all reality Who gives life by extending Himself through unconditional love.


Guilt arises from the belief in sin. To see sin in others or ourselves is to give reality to guilt.

Holy Instant

The holy instant is a moment within time when a Son of God steps out of time to remember his part in Christ's plan for the Atonement. The holy instant is a moment when the mind is perfectly still, free of perception and projection, and receptive to seeing through Christ's vision.

Holy Relationship

When one brother chooses to see beyond the body of another, through forgiveness, then they have entered a holy relationship.

Holy Spirit

God's Voice and appointed guide. The Holy Spirit speaks in silence, reinterpreting all that we have made and showing us the truth behind all our illusions.


Our elder brother, and author of A Course in Miracles.

Little Garden

A metaphor describing the holy instant.


The true nature of all reality. The mind is the active agent of spirit. The mind and spirit exist in the same domain.

Miracle Worker

One who extends the forgiveness he has received.


A maximal expression of love. ACIM teaches how to make the miracle our only response to all situations.


Christ's resurrection was his demonstration to us that nothing can destroy the truth.


Revelation is the direct experience of God. Revelation is the result of practicing miracles but it is an experience given us by God Himself. We may occasionally experience revelation within the holy instant.

Right Perception

Perceiving the world without the body's eyes is right perception. Right perception is the perception of no perception.


Error can be corrected but sin cannot. Since there is nothing which cannot be corrected, sin is not real. It is our belief in sin which makes guilt, fear, and anger seem real.

Special Relationship

The special relationship is of the body. To see some bodies as having something to offer while others are to be avoided, is to make some relationships special. Some of these relationships are considered to be special love relationships and the others are considered special hate relationships. Such relationships serve no other purpose than to make sin real.


Only what God is and what God created is truth. Our perceptions and projections of God's creation are illusions.

Two Pictures

A metaphor for describing our choice between this world or God.

Unconditional Love

Love without conditions. It is freely given with no expectation at all.


The world of separation, made through bodies. The world was made as an attack on God's oneness and perfection.

Wrong Perception

Choosing to see through the bodies senses always results in wrong perception.