There is a reason why I have a section dedicated to the Bible on this site. People need to see what the Bible really has to say, in its own words. The real message of the Bible is that treachery is good when used for ourselves, that God favors a few over the many, that big shepherd families need choice lands belonging to others, and that war is a suitable means for taking that land. The Bible tells the story of how Moses and his forefathers were given the land of Canaan by God, yet they had to raise an army and destroy its inhabitants in complete genocide to effect God's will.

This story is repeated throughout the past 3000 years of humanity as nearly two thirds of the world's religions rely on the story of Moses as their basic religious text. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are comprised of good people with a rotten doctrine at the core of their beliefs. It is ironic that the people of these religions seeking stability and peace through Biblical guidance are given advice and example completely contrary to their goals. One has to ask how humanity has survived for so long with these doctrines, and the answer is obvious. There have been few alternative doctrines available since most practitioners of more peaceful religions were systematically slaughtered by religious decrees.

A Course in Miracles is not a religion, it is a doctrine. The Course is a very focused and effective spiritual path that leads the practitioner out of fear, darkness, and suffering of all kind. Religion is the organizational structure built around a spiritual doctrine. When we interpret a spiritual doctrine and compare it to our worldly situation, the interpretation and implementation becomes the religion. It becomes the focus by which we live our worldly life, even though the spiritual doctrine is about transcending worldly life. 

Unfortunately, most of humanity is not ready to transcend fear or its cause. But that need not spell the end of A Course in Miracles or any pure spiritual teaching. The incorporation of the Course into a religion serves a useful purpose while the student gradually lets go of the causes of suffering. A code of conduct, based upon A Course in Miracles and conducive to its practice would provide a bridge between the world and God. That is precisely what the Bible was supposed to do.

The Bible is based upon the story of Moses. The story of Moses is a sick story of genocide, incest, treachery, and war. It cannot but follow that any religion based upon the story of Moses will bear fruits of these kind. A Course in Miracles is based upon Truth, love, forgiveness, trust, patience, tolerance, joy, and inner peace. A religion based upon this spiritual document could only lead to fruits of these kind.

Why should we make a conscious effort to create a new religion? Why can't we just let it evolve on its own? The reason is time. Given enough time our current world law will deteriorate. This could happen through natural disaster or the discovery of a powerful new weapon. It could happen through sheer ignorance. For example, our dropping the ball with discipline in schools has led to a new school shooting nearly every month. It is only a matter of time. We desperately need to get working on a new religion, incapable of generating class distinctions, race discrimination, or gender bias. We need a religion that will support the social structures that strengthen humanity, contribute to its overall health, and encourage spiritual growth. 

The paternalistic and racially divisive nature of the Mosaic books are unhealthy for humanity and for individual spiritual development. They are a threat to our future and to the future of humanity. They are a threat to humanity even today and always have been. The Mosaic books are not the true words about the true works of a truly loving God.

We must get the word out. We must call out the need to search for truth. We take for granted that the world has the Internet, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. But this is it. This is the big break humanity has been waiting for. We have the spiritual teaching of ACIM, we have the means for positive and meaningful change. It would be a tragedy indeed to get this far and not take advantage of this incredible opportunity.