Society lost its way on morality due to authoritarian leaders who bypassed the reasoning process, and who made moral decisions for others. Without explaining why certain actions and behaviors are immoral, decrees were made and written in stone.  

Morality needs no judgment. It is not necessary to say, "this is good" or "that is bad." It is enough to simply teach good health and ways of being, which promote health and well-being. Instead of telling someone, "you shouldn't do this," the non-judgmental approach would be to encourage awareness of the repercussions of those actions. The corollary is also true; instead of telling people good things they should be doing, simply discuss the benefits and rewards of actions and behaviors that lead to good health and happiness.

The divisions of society along sharp lines, such as Republicans and Democrats, religious and atheist, and thousands of other sharply defined categories of behavior, are a sign that judgment has run rampant. It is judgment that ultimately destroys social order.  

It does not matter what side of the divisions we find ourselves, the solution is to shift our focus directly to morality; that is, we shift from blame to education. We learn the ramifications of our actions, and then act according to what will produce the best health and well-being, both for ourselves and for the larger groups of which we are members. There is no need to allow judgment into our speech.