In my quest for objective Truth, I study and practice religions and philosophies to find it. Identifying Truth in advance of finding it has been difficult, but truth must be recognizable it if it exists. As my quest leads me to Truth, I have discovered the journey remains personal for each individual; not because Truth changes for each person, but because each person has different obstacles to remove before seeing it. 

This web site contains my own thoughts and insights that I have stumbled upon in my search for Truth. 

Secrets of the Aether

Truth is what we believe in. This may sound good at first, at least until we question what is doing the believing. The "self" associated with our body is a level of consciousness peculiar to our own experience as a human body. 

In Secrets of the Aether, the various orders of physical existence within the physical world are revealed through physics. Evidence is shown that each order of reality animates by a living force (Gforce), a living substance (subatomic particles), and in a living environment (Aether). On the whole, the entire physical Universe is a living organism of which our human form is just one aspect.

The self we are familiar with is the consciousness attached to a body with a group of organs, cells, molecules, atoms, and onta (subatomic particles). This consciousness begins at birth as a blank slate. The chooser within us (our soul) makes choices such as "I like this" and "I don't like that," and the memories associated with these choices becomes our personality, or self-image. When the self says, “I believe,” it is the sum of our prior choices in the form of our self-image that we think of as "I." The chooser (soul) remains hidden behind this self-image.


Those actions and behaviors that lead to the good health and well-being (happiness) of individuals and communities is what defines morality. Morality is non-judgmental, it is not a list of behaviors, and it is not owned by any group or system of ethics. Morality is an artform for perfecting life. Morality includes all those actions and behaviors that helps life to succeed, and shuns those actions and behaviors that hinder life.

The Narrative

The physical Universe bases on physical matter, and there is science for understanding the structure and mechanics of the physical Universe. There is a whole other Universe, which is a counterpart to the physical Universe, which exists within the mind; and this mental Universe is far more complex. A large structural element of the mental Universe is The Narrative.

Beyond the Material Universe

To understand what lies beyond the material Universe, it is very helpful to first learn what the material Universe is. The physics in Secrets of the Aether provides a proper quantification and description of the four-dimensional, volume-time existence. Secrets of the Aether reveals that time is an effect of material existence, and not its cause. As for our mind, the mind does not exist in time, but always exists right here, and right now. The mind is in an eternal state within the present moment regardless of its investment in the ephemeral material Universe.

Secrets of the Aether also provides an explanation of the five-dimensional, volume-resonance Universe in which the material Universe is a subset. It is this five-dimensional Universe which is home to the vast "spiritual" realm that oversees the "physical" realm. The five-dimensional Universe is to the four-dimensional, volume-time Universe as the four-dimensional, volume-time Universe is to the three-dimensional area-time Universe. We can think of an area-time Universe as a flat screen television. Just as the volume-time Universe appears to be infinitely more vast than life on a TV screen, the five-dimensional, volume-resonance Universe is infinitely more vast than our physical Universe.

And as vast as the five-dimensional, volume-resonance Universe is, it makes no comparison to the infinitely more splendid existence within the Singularity, from which all existence springs. There are no words that can prepare one for the Singularity, as the Singularity is beyond all duality. For consciousness to return to the Singularity is the greatest achievable state of enlightenment from within our present Universe. The concept of God, the Creator of the physical Universe and all life therein, is rooted in the Gforce (as explained in Secrets of the Aether); the Singularity goes even beyond God.

Consciousness Advancement

Life in the physical realm can appear as a relative darkness of random physical existence. Social interactions occur with as much meaning as a pinball bouncing around a pinball machine; however, this too is a gift to be appreciated. Even the cycle of misery and healing is preferable to darker existences of total stagnation and imprisonment. The advancement of consciousness leads from whatever state we are in toward the direction of the Singularity.

The path toward the Singularity cannot be handed to someone as a written text or physical object, for the consciousness that does the advancing is not the self-image, but rather the underlying chooser (soul) that creates the self-image. In the end, the advanced soul learns to make the right choices, which ultimately leads to making no choices at all and the mind again becomes healed into one whole and complete state.